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Why Buy Local

LED displayAccording to the SBA studies and our clients, businesses who invested in an Outdoor LED Sign saw sales increase 15%-150%! This percentage difference is mainly based on the ability to display effective messages and no one can help you better than The Sign Company. Not only does an LED Display produce a great return on investment, it costs very little compared to other types of business advertising. Those just adding them are getting 15% while others who understand the messaging and marketing ability are getting as high as 150%. Unmistakably, the average cost to achieve 1000 impressions (CPM) on consumers as they pass your business is less than 10% of the cost to reach them using any other marketing medium, including TV, radio and newspaper advertising. For example, a small business that makes $1,000.00 a day in gross income adds an Outdoor LED sign. The business quickly increases by the minimum 15%, adding another $150 per day in total revenue. That turns into an additional $1,050.00 a week in revenue, or $54,600.00 per year.

Businesses often select their advertising medium, and messages, based upon the CPT (cost per thousand) exposures of their message to the public. On this basis, no other form of advertising or marketing comes close to matching the efficiency and cost-effectiveness, dollar for dollar, of outdoor LED signs. Compare the figures.

Signage is a one time investment lasting 10 or more years while other forms of marketing stop working as soon as you stop paying. LED signs have produced some of the most dramatic sales increases for businesses and at 90% less cost then other marketing methods! Getting your sign noticed by passing traffic doesn't happen by accident. A recent storage company's new sales are double that of comparable companies with similar locations & traffic. Boxer Auto Sales is seeing a 10-to-1 ROI on their LED sign. Best Value Inn is up $9,000.00 a month. Extreme Electronics is enjoying a 25% increase in business. Rapid Repair Auto is seeing 50% of new customers come from their LED sign. Specialty Trailer & Outdoor Power Equipment is up 100%. These are just a few of examples of those taking signage ROI seriously. Compare an investment in an LED sign (about the daily cost of lunch) to anything your are currently doing. From SBA case studies and U.S. Chamber of Commerce information to our many clients, NO ONE knows more about the return on investment from signage than we do. We are the #1 Optec LED Sign distributor in North America!

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce states that most businesses do not make signage a priority, yet it is their most important business tool, bringing in up to 50% of their business! It's unfortunate that so many businesses do not place proper importance on their signage. Furthermore, most small businesses put their money in Yellow Page, Newspaper and Radio advertising only to find that those closest to them come in, wasting about 90% of the advertising dollars on customers that will not travel the distance but seek a competitor. LED signs attract those with your immediate area where 85% of sales come from and most importantly, it increases the visibility of the business. You also have total control of the messages.

Advertising is not about spending less than your competitors; it's about having the ability to spend more while doing it better. Many private and government studies have proven that 85% of business sales come from signage. Dramatically improving your signage is the best investment. An LED Display is 20X more visible than a static sign. You own the form of advertising and it works 24/7.

Talk to as many clients of ours as you like. We have churches filling up their schools and events with an Electronic Sign alone; hotels seeing a dramatic rise in bookings; auto & sports utility companies doubling sales. The bottom line is when you look at your current marketing methods and cost, there is no doubt an Outdoor LED Sign will increase you business well beyond the investment, while the cost-per-customer is far less than anything you are doing now (see below).

Unlike TV, radio and newspapers, your ad does not end when the commercial is over or the paper gets thrown out. Plus, the LED sign serves your immediate area where 85% of your business comes from rather than the whole city or county. Why pay so much more? Whether you replace an existing advertising method or add an LED Business Sign to the mix, the cost is so economical compared to the results, it truly becomes a matter of when you can begin to accelerate your business results.

There are only a few LED display manufacturers in the USA, and OPTEC displays have proven to be the highest quality since 1982 with sales above 10,000 units annually. Couple that with the fact we are the #1 volume OPTEC LED sign distributor worldwide and have a 5-year warranty. Since most, if not all LED displays are shipped from a central point, trust The Sign Company to find the most qualified local installer with the best reputation to handle the install and warranty. If any issue arises we are immediately available to you via phone, email or chat. Our responsiveness is excellent.

Expert Outdoor LED Sign Marketing Strategies Newsletter. (No spam, optional contact, total privacy) outdoor LED sign electronic video billboard signIt's not just about signage, not anymore.

It's about proven, certified ROI results. It's about taking total control of your advertising dollar in your specific area of business, with a high-impact LED sign that truly gets your message out. The last few decades have witnessed simultaneous revolutions in Outdoor LED sign lighting and computer technology. This rapidly developing technology has made it possible for even a small business with a simple outdoor LED sign to produce high-impact changeable copy video/graphic displays. For 5 years, you will be fully covered with our onsite parts and labor warranty. View our LED display education and resource page here.

Top Advantages of Custom Outdoor LED Signs & Electronic Displays:

  • Remind customers and prospects about the benefits of your product or service.
  • Establish and maintain your distinct identity or "personality".LED display
  • Enhance your reputation.
  • Encourage existing customers to buy more of what you sell.
  • Attract new customers and replace lost ones.
  • The business owns the form of advertising.
  • The LED advertising works for the business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Outdoor LED signs acts as the "salesman on the street" attracting customers into the business.
  • The advertising speaks directly to the potential customers as they drive past the business location, and the LED sign makes the business a landmark in its community.
  • The LED Sign Company provides leasing programs, which include service and maintenance, thereby providing another option for covering the cost of usage.
  • Unlimited number of message changes and variable controls, all easily completed with a computer.
  • Advertise specials while also displaying public service information or other items of public interest.
  • Quickly "brand" your business site in the local community.
  • Best and most cost-effective forms of paid advertising. The only form of advertising that may be more powerful is word of mouth.
  • The effectiveness of LED signs are not limited by space or surface area constraints as with a reader-board.
  • LED signs allows you to market your products and services to your immediate trade area and prevent wasteful advertising expenses.
  • Change the message as needed to provide information to specific retail customers, and can be used for political, social or community events.
  • Software is available that enables a business owner to display sophisticated logos or images on LED signs precisely as planned.

There are two main reasons why some business do so much better with LED signs than others. The difference is what causes the 15%-150% variance the SBA found in their study. While 15% is quite a good sales increase and worth it, the ability to see the high end of the variance is based on two factors: The first is the ability to understand effective message writing and the second is selecting the proper LED sign based on several variables. Through our presentation, you will see that no one can come close to the effectiveness we have given to our clients. While others sell LED signs and basically let the customer choose what they want and then wish them well on message writing, we take the 2 factors to a whole new level. Call us to set up a presentation and see the real difference today!

When you buy local products, you strengthen our local economy by keeping dollars in our community, helping sustain local businesses and create jobs.

Buying local may sometimes (but not always) mean paying slightly higher prices for products and services, since purchasing power for smaller businesses is usually less than that of the corporate giants. So why buy local?

  • Circulation: The dollar you spend stays in the community.
  • Business: Local business owners provide jobs and donate time and money to many community activities.
  • Cost savings: Locally-produced goods save transportation costs.
  • Stability: Greater self-sufficiency in meeting essential needs makes us less vulnerable to shifts in prices and availability from distant sources.
  • Carrying capacity: Increasing our self-sufficiency, while maintaining the health of our own bioregion, decreases our impact on distant bioregions.

Be aware of the impact of your dollars.

A locally owned independent business (LOIB) returns approximately 80% of each dollar spent back to the community. A LOIB assists the community through a "multiplier effect": one dollar spent at a locally-owned business will return five times that amount within the community through city taxes, employees' wages, and purchase of materials and supplies at other independent businesses. In addition, a LOIB will turn that dollar back into the community through school funding, social services, and contributions to local non-profit organizations.

Chains and franchises contribute roughly 40% and at times as little as 20% of the stores sales back into the community through employee wages, sales taxes and property taxes. Frequently, a chain store's location is owned by the larger non-local company, and the business is given tax breaks by the city in order for shareholder profits to remain high. Locally owned independent businesses do not receive such benefits and thus contribute a far greater proportion of revenues to local taxes.

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